Designnig for Cognitive Augmented Intelligence

An Experience Design Framework for Cognitive Augmentation

Key Words: Intelligence Amplification, Design Methodology, Experience Design

"No computer has ever been designed that is ever aware of what it is doing; but most of the time, we aren't either."

- Marvin Minsky

What if machines are capable of cognition or thinking? Should we still design them as a tool or function as we head towards a Generalized AI age? We may extend AI into the direction of emotional intelligence and spiritual intelligence which could be an augmented ecological niche in symbiosis with our society.


The framework for this project is to create the cognitive augmented experience. It explores the process of facilitating empathy, formulation, validation, and even improvisation. The structure of this design is inspired by "H-LAM/T system" which gives direct aid in understanding complex situations, isolating the significant factors, and solving unforeseen problems.


  • Empathize the context within design opportunities
  • Reason the cognitive factors and augmentation process
  • Formulate the experience for Intelligence Amplification

Design Components:


Cognitive Augmented Intelligence:



As co-author and design researcher, I contributed to the Augmented Intelligence part of Cognitive Experience Design research project.